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                  Camarillo Pickleball


 These pages are dedicated

           Playing, Learning, and Competing.


Watch an interesting CBS Early Show segment about Pickleball

                   >> Click here for link to YouTube


Check out this shot by shot PICKLEBALL STRATEGY breakdown of

             ONE GREAT 38-SHOT POINT. (less than 5 minutes)


NOTE: Additional Pickleball 1 class added for August (see below)



FOUR Bob Kildee Community Park Pickleball Courts are ready to use

Two more if you have a portable net

Gates locked at 8:45 pm

COME to the Grand Opening Celebration on Monday, July 16, 3:30-6 pm.


Keeping track of the score in Pickleball seems complicated in the beginning.

Try watching this YouTube video and then these instructions.

For more scoring info, watch this!



If you would like to be on our growing email update list, email CamarilloPickleball@gmail.com


The USA Pickleball Association is the

primary governing body for the sport.


The USAPA website provides guidance on training, playing

locations and points-of-contact by state and city.


 Whether playing locally or while traveling, you should know your Pickleball Rating.


Knowing will assist you in setting up interesting, competitive, and fair play.

Reading the USAPA Rating document also helps you understand what skills

you need to work on to improve to the next level.


OPEN Play at Freedom Gym

224 Willis Road, Camarillo Airport

>> 2 indoor courts

 -- 8:30am-11:30am, Mondays & Wednesdays

 -- 11:30am-2:00pm, Tuesdays

Closed when training classes are in session (see below)
Bring your own balls and paddle.
Cost: Free


OPEN Play at Bob Kildee Community Park ---

>> 2 outdoor lighted courts

-- 8:00 am-9:00 pm every day

-- Friendly Friday morning pickup play 9:00am -11:00am

-- Friday evening Meetup/pickup play 6:00pm – 8:00pm (see below)

Lights out at 9:15pm

Closed when training classes are in session (see below)

          Bring your own balls and paddle.

          Cost: Free



MEETUP.com <<>> Friday 6:00 pm Evening group open play

for experienced players at Bob Kildee Community Park.


Please know pickleball rules, scoring and how to play.

This group is not for instruction, but observers are welcome.

 Information on classes will be available. 



Pickleball training classes are offered by Camarillo’s

Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District

 As described in its Activity Guide

 Summer 2018 Guide now available


Click here for steps to register for classes.



Here are the PVRPD Picklball classes for Summer 2018 which begin in August.

Online registration begins May 4. Office registration begins May 7.

Register at the Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District office,

online at www.PVRPD.org, or call 805-482-1996  <>  space is limited

Students should bring water, wear tennis shoes and bring a pickleball paddle. Rain Cancellation: Call (805} 482-1996 one hour before class begins, or before 5pm if class is at night.

Classes held at Freedom Gym. 224 Willis Road, Camarillo Airport


Pickleball for Advanced Tennis Players

                                                  <<>> Ages: 18+             Cost:$33

Solid tennis volley & ground strokes needed. USTA 3.5+. A quick transition into Pickleball, primarily a net game. Class covers paddle selection, game rules, serving, scoring, court movement & strategies. Student will do drills and play Pickleball in class. Students should bring water and wear tennis shoes. Paddles provided for first class.


Freedom Gym – 3 classes

0434.105            6:30-7:30pm             Th       8/9-823



Pickleball 1            <<>>  Ages: 18+        Cost:$53

No experience needed. Class covers paddle selection, game scoring and rules. Players will do practice drills serving, forehand/backhand ground strokes & volleying. By the end of the 5 weeks, students will have Pickleball skills and played practice matches. Students should bring water and wear tennis shoes. Paddles provided for first class.

Freedom Gym– 5 classes

0443.102           5:30-6:30pm            W         8/1-8/29

0433.100         6:30-7:30pm             W         8/1-8/29


Pickleball 2             <<>> Ages: 18+       Cost:$53

Students should know how to play, keep score and have Pickleball 1 skills. Emphasis on drills to strengthen all strokes, especially backhand. Beginning net play using dinking and exercises to increase reaction time at the net. Matches played in class. Students should bring water, wear tennis shoes and bring a Pickleball paddle.

Freedom Gym– 5 classes

0433.101          7:30pm-8:30pm       W           8/1-8/29








Click here for the five ways to register for these

Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park Pickleball classes and league.


Some useful information links:

1. What is a legal underhand serve?

2. An Aid to keeping track of who is the server and the score.

3. Can I find places to play when traveling?

4. Pickleball Channel includes Pickleball411 training videos

5. Pickleball Tournaments site include upcoming listings

6. Pickleball Rocks supports the sport

7. Pickleball shopping for things to buy

8. Pickleball Central for a wide variety of paddles, balls and accessories

9. Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Camarillo carries paddles and balls

                             (in shopping center at Las Posas Rd. & Arneill Rd.)

10. Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark carry paddles



For general questions about this web page or additional information,

email CamarilloPickleball@gmail.com